Project Zone C

Since 2020, the current Marine Spatial Plan (MRP) determines where and which activities can take place in the Belgian part of the North Sea. For the first time, five zones are reserved for the development of commercial and industrial activities. Project Zone C covers 4.5 km² and is located off the coast of Koksijde and Nieuwpoort. After an intensive licensing procedure, the zone was allocated by the Federal Minister of the North Sea to Colruyt Group, on the advice of the Consultative Commission, for the development of the sea farm. In the start-up phase, a quarter of the project zone is used, afterwards we expand to the entire zone.

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Safety first

For the safety of all seafarers, the breeding zone is demarcated by special marker buoys. Around the breeding zone there is a safety perimeter marked by cardinal buoys, according to the IALA standard. It is not allowed to sail through this zone. Moreover, there is a safety system that continuously monitors the zone and identifies ships.

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Continue to focus on research

Since 2017, Colruyt Group has been involved in various research projects in the North Sea together with Belgian SMEs, universities and knowledge institutions. Within project zone C, the research project SYMAPA, which investigates the synergy between passive fishing and aquaculture at sea, is currently ongoing.

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