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SYMAPA research project’s positive results offers potential for Westdiep Sea Farm

During the SYMAPA day, the partners in the SYMAPA project announced their final project results. The various project partners explored potential synergies between marine mussel, oyster and seaweed farming and passive fishing.

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Colruyt Group is launching the first phase of Westdiep Sea Farm

Today marks the start of the maritime works for the first phase of ‘Westdiep Sea Farm’ off the Belgian coast. Together with its Belgian partners, Colruyt Group is developing the first commercial sea farm for mussel growing in Belgium. In the coming weeks, the team responsible for the engineering and construction of the sea farm will place the cardinal buoys and the special marker buoys to mark off the zone.

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Colruyt Group brings Belgian partners on board for the construction of phase one of the Westdiep Sea Farm

Colruyt Group has brought in another Belgian partner, the West Flanders firm GEOxyz, for the construction of phase one of the sea farm. The group wants to grow genuine Belgian mussels 5 kilometres off the Belgian coast in the Westdiep Zone, one of the 5 commercial zones determined in the Marien Spatial Plan.

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Colruyt Group obtains permits to cultivate Belgian mussels in the North Sea

Colruyt Group recently obtained an operating and environmental permit for project zone C in the North Sea. Zone C is located 5 kilometres off the coast of Nieuwpoort and Koksijde and is better known as the Westdiep zone. In April 2020, Colruyt Group applied for the necessary permits to cultivate Belgian mussels, in an initial phase, and oysters and seaweed later on.

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